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Backpacking Home
The industry started to grow because of the travellers' desire to have a more 'authentic' travelling adventure and doing away with packaged tours. Read further for more on backpackers.

Backpacker Accommodation
Some hostels even provide good meals so you do not have to go to another place in search of the same. To know more about what else can be provided by a backpakers' hostel, read more...

Backpacking Gear
The backpacking gear will all depend on how often you plan to go backpacking. Read further to see what kind of gear is required for a frequent backpacker and a not-so-frequent backpacker.

Backpacking NSW
See for real the world-renowned Sydney Opera House, drive along the coastal road to Wollongong, swim in turquoise waters of Bain and Illawong Bay, discover aboriginal carvings, and enjoy the waves of Byron Bay!

Backpacking Victoria
Trek into the magnificent wineries, see the beauty of the Yarra River, be a spectator in the Melbourne Cup horse race, join the party of athletes after the major sporting events, bask in the sun at the Mornington Peninsula.

Backpacking Queensland
Cairns: the pinnacle of Australian backpacking, Cairns offers visitors endless activities on the Great Barrier Reef, as well as a lively nightlife, great places to eat, and cheap places to stay

Backpacking WA
Backpacking in Perth: Western Australia is an amazing experience for travel - from the rugged coastline, the Perth Deserts, surfing Margaret River, Perth Wildlife Parks, watching Dolphins,

Backpacker Jobs
Backpackers in Australia often seek employment at some stage during their holiday. Once you have your work visa, you can simply contact a backpacker employment agency and register for work.

Backpacker Insurance/Travel Insurance
Unlike any other traveler, so-called backpackers are most apposite for first-hand immersion into local culture. Hence, they are most likely subject to local dangers they might have hitherto been oblivious to.

Car Rental in Australia
With the vast expanse of the Land Down Under, the backpacker’s travel may be wanting of optimum pleasure that can never be gained on foot.

Work Visas for Australia
To really simulate being part of local culture, trekkers to Oz realize many times that the best things in life are not free. In spite of, backpackers are not done for.

Surfing Australia
Australia has some of the best beaches in the world, thanks to its endless coastline, beautiful white sand and magnificent waves.  But just because Australia is an island, doesn’t mean you can surf all the way around it!

Backpacking Checklist
Now that you’ve booked your ticket, organized a visa (tourist, student or working) and bought travel insurance (medical, personal property or cancellation), the only thing left to do is pack for your Australian backpacking adventure!