West Australia - Perth Backpacker

Backpacking in Perth: Western Australia is an amazing experience for travel - from the rugged coastline, the Perth Deserts, surfing Margaret River, Perth Wildlife Parks, watching Dolphins, a visit to the subtropical Rottnest Island... or a scenic journey up the Swan River.... the list of activies in Perth are endless!

Backpacking Suggestions

What’s the difference between a neophyte backpacker and a seasoned one? One of it may be with the way they pack their things in that precious backpack. So if you’re planning to go backpacking, here are some reliable systems that you can use that will help you have a convenient journey. Some learned it the hard way, but the veteran backpackers have chosen to share some tricks. Now all you have to do is to follow.

  • Have a separate water-resistant “day pack” where you can store your commonly used items during your gallivanting time or hiking activities. This little bag is where you should store your money, credit card, discount cards, camera, iPod, reading book, light casual sweater, and towel.

  • Pack toiletries that come in smaller sizes. Several items are now available in smaller packages, specifically putting travelers to mind. A small or medium sized shampoo, conditioner, gel, toothpaste, body soap, deodorant stick can well be sufficient for a week long (or two weeks) backpacking. Other must haves are toothpaste and toothbrush (which are also given for free in international airlines, therefore you can have extras). Sunscreens and sunblocks are important too, choose the one with SPF 50 and above for premier protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Protect your lips form chapping too by constantly applying lip balm.

  • About your outfits, you have to bring the most comfortable ones to wear as you will probably be walking around under weather changes. The last thing you want to happen is sweating in a scratchy wear. Big bulky sweaters are not necessary unless you’re traveling at the thick of winter season. To have a practical bunch of clothing, ensure about 7 clothes which can go in harmony with one another. A good space-saving method to pack clothes is to fold them and then roll them. This makes the clothes compact and convenient to take out when they’re ready to use. Don’t forget to pack a light jacket (preferably a sailing jacket which can keep hold of body heat), also a long-sleeved cotton shirt to shield your skin from the sun. Bring just 5 underwears, and if it’s not too much to adjust with, you can opt for disposable underwears which are now available in the market

  • One average weight beach towel enough.

  • Bring 1 to 2 pairs of walking shoes or trainers and just 3 pairs of socks (which you can put inside the shoes in order to save space. Walking shoes are advisable for heavy walkers. Walking with the wrong kind of shoes will cause body pains and minor injuries. Bring also flip flaps for ordinary loafing. Hiking boots are advisable if you have plans of having adventure expeditions.

  • For further sun protection, bring along sunglasses to protect your eyes and the skin surrounding it. Caps and visors are also suitable during long walks, boating, and sunbathing. It is recommended that the entire head be covered. Lack of protection from the sun might cause sickness and skin cancer in the long run.