Backpacker Insurance/Travel Insurance

Unlike any other traveler, so-called backpackers are most apposite for first-hand immersion into local culture. Hence, they are most likely subject to local dangers they might have hitherto been oblivious to.

Known primarily as travel insurance, the backpacker insurance protects a traveler's vacation cost against cancellation and interruption while also providing medical, lost or damaged property and travel delay coverage.

Through this, travelers are reimbursed in the event of trip cancellation and other travel interruptions. This kind of insurance also covers emergency medical treatment, medical evacuation and a number of other situations.

First and foremost, backpacker insurance primarily covers trip cancellation. Travelers who are unable to take their trip due to illness or death (of the traveler or a family member), weather, airline strikes, terrorism, bankruptcy, becoming unemployed, jury duty or their home being rendered uninhabitable, etc., are reimbursed. A backpacker is also reimbursed with this insurance in cases of trip interruption.

The standard backpacker insurance also usually reimburses expenses a traveler has incurred for medical and emergency dental purposes. These plans work by reimbursing the traveler after they have paid locally for treatment. Usually the claims are paid within 7 to 10 days.

In the event a backpacker is incapacitated to transport himself during a medical emergency, the travel insurance provides emergency transportation to a local hospital at least.

The insurance also works to provide for backpackers who succumb to death or dismemberment on a trip. Due to a lower risk, the highest amount of coverage is usually awarded to passengers fatally affected during an air flight.

Travelers affected by a flight delay are also covered for hotel, food or clothing expenses they may have incurred. Those who missed embarkation on a cruise are also covered for its costs.

In the event a traveler’s personal possession is lost, stolen or damaged at any point in the duration of the trip, the plan reimburses the items. This is not confined to baggage damaged or lost by the airline.

Also, when a traveler inflicts damage on rental cars, plans reimburse travelers, which eventually allow the backpacker to decline CDW (collision damage waiver) coverage offered by the car rental companies.