Car Rental in Australia

With the vast expanse of the Land Down Under, the backpacker’s travel may be wanting of optimum pleasure that can never be gained on foot. Backpackers may use plane or bus transport, but many times, with an entire continent to explore, driving is the best way to enjoy traveling!

In Australia, a backpacker can easily rent a car for such ends. There are many reputed car hire companies who have set up shop in cities across the continent. Usually these companies always rent out high quality cars from a reliable fleet.

Rent-a-cars range from very cheap manual hatches, medium budget sized autos to larger bus style MPVs. For those with much to spare, there are luxury cars aplenty, as well as convertibles and sports cars.

Many car hire companies serve Australian major airports, whether domestic or international. Car rental depots are located on or very near almost all serviceable airport terminals.

Prospective car renters should consider first that companies promote their business on the basis of price, product, and service. In this regard, advance reservations are advisable, particularly during holiday periods to preempt any hassles when companies sell out. Only renters over 21 or 25 are allowed to rent. He or she must also own a current, valid, unrestricted driver's license. Often a major credit card is required. It is always safe to consult in advance with their auto insurance provider to determine whether their private auto insurance provides for rental cars. Nevertheless, car rental companies generally offer additional insurance. Taxes and airport surcharges are at the renter’s expense.

Rates are often charged in terms of 24-hour periods.  Ideally, the car should be hired within 24-hour units.

Those who don’t punctually return cars are subject to penalties. Car hire companies charge for cars returned later than the specified time or without the stipulated gas level in the rental agreement.

Often, the car rental company offers a damage waiver or "super cover". Additionally, renters are free to purchase insurance from an independent insurance agent that provides for damage inflicted to the car. A form of third party insurance is almost always included in the quote but the customer will not be covered or the vehicle.